The new Tohatsu MFS8C and MFS9.9CY models - July 2024

The new Tohatsu MFS8C and MFS9.9CY models - July 2024

The Tohatsu next generation of the MFS6CZ/8C/9.9CY(W) model line up has been engineered to be EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for the first time in the 200cc class. This battery-less EFI model is the lightest 2-cylinder 6/8/9.9 ps on the market, setting a new standard for efficiency and performance in the outboard motor industry.

What sets this model apart from the competition?

In addition to upgrading this model to EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), Tohatsu has incorporated various key features from all other portable outboards within the company’s product range. This strategic combination of best-selling features ensures that the new lineup provides a smarter, more exciting boating experience for consumers.

Why choose EFI technology?

Electronic Fuel Injection technology offers numerous advantages over traditional carbureted engines. EFI systems provide precise fuel delivery, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration, and reduced emissions. By incorporating EFI into the MFS6CZ/8C/9.9CY(W) models, Tohatsu is leading the way in innovation and performance in the outboard motor market.

What benefits can users expect from this new lineup?

Users can expect enhanced reliability, improved fuel economy, and reduced maintenance requirements with the new EFI models. The advanced technology not only optimizes engine performance but also enhances the overall boating experience. Whether cruising on the water or fishing in remote locations, the MFS6CZ/8C/9.9CY(W) models deliver unparalleled efficiency and power.

Overall, the introduction of EFI technology to the MFS6CZ/8C/9.9CY(W) model lineup represents a significant milestone in the evolution of portable outboard motors. With its lightweight design, innovative features, and superior performance, this new generation of Tohatsu outboards is sure to impress boaters and enthusiasts alike.

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