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KM MARINE 6.5" 165 MM Horn-Loaded Coaxial Speakers KA48KMXL654

KM MARINE 6.5" 165 MM Horn-Loaded Coaxial Speakers KA48KMXL654

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The music on your cruise should stir the soul. KMXLs are crystal clear and loud, adding powerful sound to your adventure.

The KA48KMXL654 builds upon the success of KICKER Marine Audio’s KMTC and KMFC Horn-Loaded Tower Systems, widely recognized in the marine industry as the new standard in HLCD (horn-loaded compression driver) tower-speaker design. They bring much of this same technology to loudspeakers shallow enough to be installed in traditional coaxial-speaker mounting locations, and heavy-duty enough to install into KM-Series Empty Enclosures.

A proprietary high-frequency horn design gives the KMXL series sonic performance that is incredibly smooth and easy to listen to, even at extremely high volumes.

KMXL speakers come with both charcoal and white UV-treated grilles and incorporate RGB LED lighting that can be enhanced to 20 colours and 19 lighting modes by adding the KMLC LED remote.


KMXLs utilize a high-output design that plays above wind, water and engine noise.


  • IP66 certification (protected from dust and water jets/splash)
  • Shallow enough for traditional speaker hole cut-outs
  • Marine-grade, horn-loaded compression speakers
  • Proprietary high-frequency horn design
  • Motor include lightweight neodymium magnets and aluminium-dome tweeters
  • UV-treated, waterproof poly/carbon-fibre woofer cones
  • Includes both white and charcoal grills
  • Integrated multi-colour LED lighting
  • KICKER Real Marine™ grade for years of use in a boat
  • Recommended Amplifier RMS Power: 15-150W

Speaker Size (in) 6.5"
Style - Coaxial
Horn-loaded Coaxial
Impedance (Ohms)
RMS Power (W) 15-150
Peak Power (W) 300
Sensitivity (dB @ 1W/1m)
Frequency Response (Hz)
Mounting Hole Diameter (cm)
Mounting Depth (cm)
Single Or Pair
Grill Style
Grill Colour
Waterproof Rating
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