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Seadoo Spark/Trixx VICTORY Turbo Kit Stage 4

Seadoo Spark/Trixx VICTORY Turbo Kit Stage 4

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Sea-Doo Spark/Trixx Turbo Kit REV3 

Unlike every other retailer our kit includes the Maptun tuning license you will need to run the kit!

We have supplied several of these kits across the UK and installed these in our workshops which transforms the Spark 900ace engine into a fire breathing animal.

Our popular and well-proven Victory Turbo Kit - now in it’s 3rd revision with even better durability and smoother installation. This is a complete engine hardware kit and includes all parts you need to convert your Sea-doo Spark/Trixx and turn it into a turbocharged performance machine! We highly-recommend you replace the impeller with a Solas 13/18 (not included in this kit). You will also need to flash your ECU with a new tuning software especially designed for Sea-doo Spark/Trixx with this turbo kit. The flash (programming) is fast and effortless with our tuning software and separately available hardware MaptunerX and Nano which brings useful features such as fault code reading for the Sea-Doo Spark.

Technical information:
Target RPM: 8800-9000rpm
Boost for stock engine: 0,55-0,60bar
Recommended impeller: Solas 13/18
Top speed: 61-63mph

Kit includes:
1x IHI Turbocharger.
1x Wastegate with 7.5psi (0,5 bar) spring.
1x MAP- Sensor
3x Injectors
1x VICTORY Mount from engine to turbo and exhaust.
1x Exhaust neck flange with gasket and k-nuts.
1x Exhaust for OEM Silencer.
1x VICTORY Silicone hose kit.
1x Inter pipe for Intercooler -> Turbo.
1x Inter pipe for Throttle body -> Intercooler.
2x Acrylic sheets for intercooler and engine power supply components.
1x Air Filter Tube with engine top breather connector.
1x VICTORY 4” Stainless Air Filter with water resistant hat.
1x Joint for oil inlet.
1x Stand for water coolant tank.
1x Reinforced Silicone Hose Kit for water
9x M8 Studs and k-nuts for exhaust manifold.
1x Permatex Supra Copper High Temp Silicone.
1x Oxygen Sensor Plug.
1x Damp material for protecting ECU.
Stainless clamps in various sizes.
Stainless screws and nuts.


2024 New updated Sea-Doo Spark turbo kit
Our ever popular turbo kit for Sea-Doo Spark is now in it's third revision and is now an official Maptun product (previously sub-brand Victory). This latest version includes updates such as powder coated tubes and intercooler, black acrylic mounting plate and the new Maptun logo on all the hoses.


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